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MCS Drivers Disk x86/x64 - Bộ Drivers Đầy Đủ Nhất

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Chủ đề: MCS Drivers Disk x86/x64 - Bộ Drivers Đầy Đủ Nhất

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    MCS Drivers Disk x86/x64 - Bộ Drivers Đầy Đủ Nhất

    MCS Drivers Disk x86/x64

    Bộ Drivers Này Là Giải Pháp Tốt Nhất Khi Cài Lại Máy, Dùng Cho Tất Cả Laptop / Deskop Biệt là Cho i3/i5/i7

    Size: 8.15 GB

    MCS Drivers Disk - the disk is a collection of drivers with the ability to install the necessary drivers in just a few clicks.
    The program automatically determines which drivers are needed for the computer. Works with standard installer, raspakovanom drivers.

    Supported operating systems:
    Windows 2000
    WindowsXP 32/64 bit
    Windows2003 32/64 bit
    Windows Vista 32/64 bit
    Windows 2008 32/64 bit (not tested)
    Windows 2008 R2 64 bit (not tested)
    Windows 7 32/64 bit

    Defined devices:
    NIC and PCI modems
    HDD Controllers
    IEEE 1394 Host Controller
    USB Host Controllers
    CardBus controllers
    USB devices
    LPT printers
    Serial external modems
    PCMCIA devices
    Some common ACPI device.

    Number of drivers found by the program for one or Ina OS depends on the availability of those on the disk (limited by disk space) and the correct ways to fill in the appropriate configuration files. Users can add or remove drivers from the disk and fill the HWID.

    This program was written for himself and friends and, accordingly, provided As Is (as is). The drivers on the disc have not been tested for compatibility with all operating systems for which they are declared. The author is not liable for any damage caused by using the program.

    Additional information
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    Rewritten parser devices
    Database devices are no longer loaded into memory
    Changed the initial procedure for determining the status of drivers
    Through the first three items, increased download speed.
    Rewrote the basic procedure for auto-detection status, thus improved the stability of the application (not so often falls)
    Reduced the number of temporary files created by the program.
    Rewrote how to create a database of drivers. Now, the generator only handles the section referred to in Section Manufacturer, allowing increased speed up the database. Previously processed the entire file.
    Device Manager is completely rewritten, and now has a familiar tree structure.

    [+] Added two more site to search for drivers on the Internet (use to find a short HWID).

    Restyling of most windows and dialog routines.
    Rewrote dialogue calling programs. (The number of programs is no longer limited to)
    Tools folder is renamed Programs and contains two subfolders App and Utils
    App - the actual programs themselves. (As described below to work)
    Utils - PC diagnostics utility, called from the main menu.
    Sub Drivers Backup:

    [+] Added many classes of devices

    [+] Added switchable (Display additional information) tooltips with information about the driver.

    Main Menu:
    If the DirectX version is higher or equal to the available disk space, the menu item is now changed to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool
    The menu item "Extras" renamed to "Programs".
    Updated language file
    Updated device database
    SIV has been updated to version 4.28
    Updated some drivers to the newest versions.

    [+] Added drivers for x64 systems (certainly not all, but what and how much naryl climbed) Accordingly razmerchik grown to almost 8GB. Cut so that climbed to the DL disc. Though I have long been using the SD Card + USB CardReader.
    Other improvements and fixes


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    Re: MCS Drivers Disk x86/x64 - Bộ Drivers Đầy Đủ Nhất

    Cảm ơn bạn nhé :D

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    Re: MCS Drivers Disk x86/x64 - Bộ Drivers Đầy Đủ Nhất

    Ngoài ra các bạn còn có thể tham khảo phần mềm Easy DriverPack là công cụ giúp bạn cập nhật và bổ sung thêm các Driver cho máy tính tự động mà không cần kết nối internet. Đặc biệt phần mềm hỗ trợ tốt nhất khi tìm và cài driver win 7.

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